Sound Effects by Rubber Onion

This week’s Aural Fixation is a great video on making your Sound Effects by Steven Brooks from Rubber Onion Animation, who posted this v in 2010 in the process of making his own animated film.  I don’t necessarily agree with his choice of microphones for the sounds, and some of the sounds work well only for animation and comedy.  The results are impressive nonetheless.


In particular, I would recommend using shotgun or pencil mics for most of the recordings and using a large diaphragm condenser for some of the sounds with deeper more resonant layers and lower frequencies.  For many of the gunshot takes, using a contact (piezo) microphone on the resonance box (in this case, the bin) as well as a good shotgun microphone to capture the attack and more metallic tones from the stapler would create a secondary, bass layer that would sound heavier and richer than pitch processing everything.

Steven does a great job demonstrating how easy it is with a good ear and a little ingenuity to create your own sound effects from scratch.

If you’re interested in getting started creating your own sound effects from scratch, I highly recommend reading, marking up and absorbing The Sound Effects Bible: How to Create and Record Hollywood Style Sound Effects by Ric Viers.  It’s a good primer on creating both realistic and impressionistic sound effects.