Funding and Monetization for Audio Drama: Damn! Can a Brother Get Some Love Up in Here? Part III

MonetizationFunding and Monetization for Audio Drama:

Damn! Can a Brother Get Some Love Up in Here? 

Part III





An important part of producing audio drama is figuring out how to pay for it.  Every audio drama producer we speak with is talking about how to (or whether to) make money from the productions that we put so much work into.  As we talk to more and more people who are making modern audio drama there are a lot of different ideas, trials, errors and successes that are being discussed.  In an attempt to learn more about the methods that people are using to generate or recoup funds, we rounded up a few producers to talk about the relationship between money and audio drama.  We hope that sharing their experiences will be instructional for everyone facing the same challenges.

This week Mariele Runacre Temple the producer for The Wireless Theatre Company shares her experience with us.

Since 2009 The Wireless Theatre Company has been regularly recording award winning original audio content for download for a growing audience.  They have over 140 original plays that are available to download covering all genres including: Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction, Thrillers, Musicals, featuring celebrity actors such as: Stephen Fry, Jo Brand, Josephine Tewson, Nicholas Parsons, Brian Blessed, Catherine Cusack and many more.

Their productions have won several awards including:

Best Radio Drama Producer 2009 (Fringe Report Awards),

Best Entertainment Producer & Best Online Multi Platform Creator 2011 (Radio Academy Awards), Best Horror/Fantasy Audio 2012 (Mark Time Ogle Award),

Best Long Form Documentary 2013 (British Public Radio Awards) and they are featured in Radio Drama Reviews Top Best 20 Productions of 2012

Wireless Theatre Company also offers workshops and talks in schools around the country through its Wireless Theatre In Education Programme.  They provide Voice Over & Recording services to Corporate Clients, hold live recording events throughout the UK and consistently acts as the most favoured platform for, new writers to air their creativity.

Visit Wireless Theatre Company at and subscribe today to experience some of their productions.


*The views expressed in the following interview are that of the person doing the speaking.  It’s not our fault if you don’t like what he or she is saying.  If you want to get passive-aggressively confrontational with a computer screen about the contents of this interview please try to remember that you are also exercising the right to express your views in a public forum.  Don’t be that person.

**The masculinized title of this series is not meant to imply that there are no other-gendered audio content producers, providers or listeners.  It is simply a humble attempt at humor.