Funding and Monetization for Audio Drama: Damn! Can a Brother Get Some Love Up in Here? Part IV

MonetizationFunding and Monetization for Audio Drama: Damn! Can a Brother Get Some Love Up in Here? Part IV An important part of producing audio drama is figuring out how to pay for it.  Every audio drama producer we speak with is talking about how to (or whether to) make money from the productions that we put so much work into, or at least how to raise enough money to produce the next show.  As we talk to more and more people who are making modern audio drama there are a lot of different ideas, trials, errors and successes that are being discussed.  In an attempt to learn more about the methods that people are using to generate or recoup funds, we rounded up a few producers to talk about the relationship between money and audio drama.  We hope that sharing their experiences will be instructional for everyone facing similar challenges. For our final installment of this series Matthew speaks with Clayton Faits and Jeffrey Gardner of Hartlife NFP, the team responsible for the remarkable and unexpected series Our Fair City. hartlife_logo The Hartlife NPC team’s enthusiasm and commitment to quality has quickly made them a notable entry in the modern audio drama world. Hailing from Chicago, Our Fair City is produced by a group of theatre veterans, experienced sound designers, and science educators, the series has won awards and critical acclaim for its dynamic acting, incisive writing, and high level of production.  The group has won multiple Mark Time Awards, and was a Finalist for a 2013 Parsec Award. Our Fair City was named the year’s Best Original Comedy in the 2013 Audio Verse Awards. Our Fair City Our Fair City has also appeared at the 2013 Chicago Fringe Festival, at CONvergence in Minneapolis, MN, and as part of Fringe Radio for the 2013 Atlanta Fringe Festival.  Our Fair City has been broadcast on National Public Radio through Columbus, OH’s WCBE 90.5FM, Minneapolis/St. Paul’s KFAI 90.3 FM, Portland, Maine’s WMPG 90.9 FM, Nova Scotia’s CKDU 88.1 FM, and by affiliate radio stations across Canada and the world, and has been featured on The Sonic Society, Radio Drama Revival, The Sci-Fi Diner, and Chris and Crys take over the World. Led by creator Clayton Faits and executive producer Jeffrey Gardner, the HartLife NFP team produces original audio drama, as well as a comic anthology, a series of live performances, and high-concept launch parties. Our Fair City is available for free streaming online, through iTunes, or through your favorite RSS feed service. img_53a185328b3fb Clayton Faits Creator/Head Writer/Actor (Nathan Rourke, VP Carter, Flint, The Three, Various) Clayton Faits grew up in Southwick, Massachusetts, where the days are short and the winters are long. After studying theater and history at Tulane University, he moved to Chicago where conditions are much the same. In addition to writing for Our Fair City, he enjoys games of all kinds, toys that fly, and jokes that aren’t funny. Jeffrey1SHO7956 Jeffrey Gardner Exectutive Producer/Director/Actor (The Voice of HartLife, Roman, Various) Jeffrey is a director and dramaturg living and working in Chicago, IL. His local stage credits include Sideshow theatre, New Leaf Theatre, Eclipse theatre, the Steppenwolf Garage, Collaboraction, WildClaw theatre’s Deathscribe festival, and the Chicago Fringe Festival, among others.  He is a former adjunct instructor in the theatre department at Kenyon College, Marketing Coordinator for Collaboraction, and now serves as an Operations Coordinator for the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago.  In his copious spare time, Jeffrey enjoys playing folk music slightly faster than it was meant to be played, complicated board games, and commuting via bicycle. *The views expressed in the following interview are that of the person doing the speaking.  It’s not our fault if you don’t like what he or she is saying.  If you want to get passive-aggressively confrontational with a computer screen about the contents of this interview please try to remember that you are also exercising the right to express your views in a public forum.  Don’t be that person. **The masculinized title of this series is not meant to imply that there are no other-gendered audio content producers, providers or listeners.  It is simply a humble attempt at humor.